October 15 & 16, 2016 | New York City

This fall’s Unhackathon will take place over two days! Saturday will be an afternoon of workshops, tech talks, meeting other hackers, and learning new skills you’ve always wanted to have. Many hackers will start Springboard Projects, laying the groundwork for epic hacks the next day. We will support you as you learn and experiment, getting ready to hit the ground running the next morning. Sunday will be a full day of hacking on projects, ending in demos and prizes.

Unhackathon welcomes hackers of all backgrounds and experience levels. Students in college and high school are eligible to be Unhackathon hackers. If you’re a middle school student and would like to attend, you are welcome as long as you bring a parent with you! Please see our Welcome Statement for more information on our dedication to inclusivity, and our Springboard Projects for hackspiration!

Should I work with a team?
It's up to you! Teams of up to 5 are allowed, pair programming is okay, and working by yourself is also okay. We will have guided springboard projects that are great for beginners and solo participants. We will also help you find a team if you want one.
Will there be prizes?
We will not be rewarding large cash prizes as we feel these encourage unhealthy competition while detracting from our focus on learning. However, we plan to have smaller prizes in a variety of categories to encourage you to stick with your project until the end.
What should I bring?
Your brain, and your heart! And anything else that you need to be your most productive. Laptop, peripherals, and anything else you need to work on your project. We’ll have some hardware to hack on as well, but bring anyting you're sure you'll need.
Is it an overnight event?
While Unhackathon will run over two days, participants will not be staying at the venue overnight.
Where can I get more info?
You should email us at team@unhackathon.org. We look forward to hearing from you!
How much does it cost?
It’s free! As long as you can get to the event in NYC, you don't have to pay anything.